Pink Apple Short Film Award

The Pink Apple Short Film Award is a cash prize of 2000 Swiss Francs. The Pink Apple jury will select the winner from a shortlist of preselected finalists. The competition is open to films under 30 minutes in length, which have been produced no more than 1 year ago (2017 / 2018), and are about gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender issues. Films produced before 2017 can also be submitted, but may not take part in the competition. To submit entry, send us your completed submission form together with the link to your online-screener.
The arrival deadline for submission is 20 February 2018.
For detailed information, please read our regulations for participation. Submission is free of charge.

Regulations for participation

1. Eligibility of Films

a) Films must have a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender content
b) Films must have been produced not more than 1 year ago (2017 / 2018)
c) Films must not exceed a running time of 30 minutes
d) Priority for entry will be given to films premiering in Switzerland at the festival

2. Entries, Screener

Entries can be accepted only if they include both the completed submission form (available from and an online screener. Arrival deadline for entries is 20 February. Participants will be informed at the beginning of April about the final selection.

3. Costs

Neither an entry fee nor a projection fee will be charged.

4. Responsibility of the Festival

In the event of damage or loss of an exhibition copy, either during the selection process or at the festival itself, the festival is only responsible for the costs involved in making a new copy according to the current rates for ordering a standard exhibition copy.

5. Documentation

For each selected film, the festival must receive detailed documentation within the deadline. This should include a synopsis of the film, a selection of stills from the film, and a filmography, CV, and photo of the director.

6. Programming

Programming of selected films is entirely at the discretion of the festival board, whose decision is non-debatable. Films may be screened several times during the festival.

7. Obligations after Selection

After publication of the film selection, films may not be withdrawn from the festival programme, nor may they be screened in Switzerland before the end of the festival.

8. Jury

To select the winner of the Pink Apple Short Film Award (a cash prize of 2000 Swiss Francs), a jury will be appointed. Jury decisions will be made with an absolute majority, or, failing that, with a relative majority reached by a third ballot. Jury members are sworn to secrecy. Jury discussions and ballots will remain strictly confidential even after the festival has ended.

9. Promotion of the Awards

By participating in the competition, the award winners and their production and distribution companies are expected to mention the title of the award as announced at the prize-giving ceremony together with Pink Apple’s official festival logo on all their publicity and promotional material, in national as well as international contexts. This is also expected if the film is released on DVD, BluRay or for streaming.

10. Right of Participation

Participation in the festival implies adherence to the regulations listed herein. It is the responsibility of producers, distributors, or other organizations submitting a film to ensure that they are legitimately entitled to enter a film in the festival. The festival reserves the right to settle all cases unforeseen in the regulations of participation, as well as to permit exceptions from the regulations in special, well founded cases.

Zurich, April 2017

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